For those who’ve chosen to locate their business on the Central Coast, it really is the life.


The Central Coast - New South Wales’ third largest region – is quickly becoming an east coast hub for business big and small. 
It is proving an easy base from which to conduct national and international business and there is growing demand for local suppliers and retail as well.

Those who’ve moved their business here are enthusiastic about their new lifestyle.

Andrew Poll, Chief Financial Officer of Mars Food, producers of the Masterfoods brand, says there are plenty of advantages to being based on the Central Coast.
“I can be home in 20 minutes and be at the beach three minutes after that, it’s a great place to raise a family!”

It’s easy to see why more people and businesses are choosing to relocate to the area with affordable housing, great public and private schools, a world-renowned university, great theatres, galleries, restaurants, cafes and shops, comprehensive health and medical services and Government investment in roads and transport infrastructure. Not to mention the incredible natural beauty and enviable climate.

Great positioning

The Central Coast is just one hour from Sydney and Newcastle in a growth corridor identified by the NSW Government. As one of the fastest growing regions in New South Wales, the Central Coast’s population has an amazing predicted growth of 30% by 2031.

The location is halfway between Melbourne and Brisbane. It offers great access to major metropolitan areas at a fraction of the cost, and has up to 30 percent lower establishment costs per hectare than comparable areas to the west and south of Sydney.

Jarrod Hirst, founder and CEO of cloud-based hosting company Servers Australia, loves that his 60 employee business is based here.
“Long gone are the headaches associated with the hustle and bustle of a city, on the Central Coast everyone is friendly, access to key infrastructure is easier and there’s plenty of space to allow us to continue growing at a rapid rate.”

Great workforce

The skilled workforce on the Central Coast is plentiful, with experience and qualifications at all levels. Those commuting to Sydney are often looking for long-term local positions in which they can live a more comfortable lifestyle by travelling to work locally.

There are many reasons to locate your business on the Central Coast.

If you’re looking to invest, relocate or expand your business, consider the Central Coast and make an enquiry today.

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