Intrinsic to the fabric of Central Coast life are its people, who tie the amazing and surprising aspects of this region together.

Those living on the Central Coast have an incredible sense of community; they are friendly, welcoming and proud of where they come from.

From Surf Life Saving Clubs, to arts communities, food networks, sporting and volunteer groups, the local community offers an enormous array of ways to enrich your life on the Central Coast.
On the Central Coast you have a spectacular nature’s playground at your fingertips, and many of those who choose to live here are active and adventurous in their lives.
It’s easy to see why people are choosing to relocate to the Central Coast. With population growth set to increase dramatically in the next decade, we expect that the already vibrant atmosphere and opportunities available on the Coast will become even better.
Through the “This is the Life" campaign, we will bring you unique and interesting stories of inspirational individuals within our community.




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