The sporting and outdoor life on the Central Coast is amazing and one of the key reasons families choose to live here.

As they say, just do it! If it’s a healthy lifestyle you are after, the right sport is there for you, with the facilities to support it. Sports available on the Central Coast for people of all ages include AFL, rugby, athletics, basketball, cycling, golf, hockey, netball, surfing, soccer (football), swimming, triathlon, martial arts, plus many more. 

The Central Coast has 34 sporting complexes with more than 60 individual playing fields that can cater for more than 20 different types of sport.

It has the International Football School in Kariong which has now added tennis to the curriculum and in 2016 had its first student signed to the National Football League whilst completing Year 12.

There’s an amazing professional athletics track at Mingara Recreation Centre and several great aquatic centres.

The Central Coast is also home to The Central Coast Academy of Sport (CCAS), a not-for-profit sporting organisation that delivers locally established sports development opportunities and scholarships for young athletes from the NSW Central Coast region.

The sport of Archery Tag started in Australia on the Central Coast and is now played across Australia.  There is also a Frisbee Golf course on the Central Coast.

The Central Coast has plenty of gyms and fitness classes, and beautiful parks, recreation and open public spaces including beaches if you are into outdoor fitness.


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