Adriana and Chris Parncutt

"The Central Coast is an amazing place, with amazing businesses, doing amazing things."

Adriana is originally from the Czech Republic and Chris grew up in Oatley in Sydney’s south. When the two decided to buy a house to raise their growing family in 2012, they found a gorgeous beach shack at Umina and never looked back.

The affordability, relaxed atmosphere and perks of coastal living first attracted the pair to the area but it was the sense of community and the incredibly friendly locals that made them feel at home. Adriana, Chris and their kids spend afternoons in the ocean and weekends on bush walks and at markets trying local produce.

“On the Central Coast we are spoilt for choice in nature, outdoor activities and food options.”

Adriana started her now incredibly successful business, Adri’s Gingerbread, out of a desire to think of something she could do without travelling to the city and which would work around her family life.

From humble beginnings, selling cookies at her daughter’s school fair to regularly stocking cafes all over the region, Adriana’s business has gone from strength to strength, with Chris now also working at Adri’s Gingerbread full time.

The unique spice mix and the honey used by Adri's Gingerbread are both sourced from other local Central Coast companies. This aspect of running a small business on the Central Coast is one of which Adriana and Chris are particularly proud, as they are able to support other like-minded producers and operate within a local business community where entrepreneurship is championed.

The family business is hitting a new high this year after a David Jones buyer tasted one of their cookies at a café. The retail giant is going use Adri’s Gingerbread to supply customised gingerbread in every one of their stores in Australia and New Zealand this Christmas.

With other product collaborations in the works, including a gingerbread ice cream (yum), the future is looking good for these two Coasties, Adriana puts it down to luck but we know it is pure talent!

You can find some of the best gingerbread around at Adri’s Gingerbread online or at their shop front at Ettalong Markets.

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