Brad and Bianca Cardis

“We wanted to have our own platform up here which showcases local talent. We tried it and, from then on, it was really no looking back.”

If you’re a Central Coast local, or a flea market enthusiast, you’d know of the brightly coloured rainbow flags that pop up around the monthly boutique events of Avoca Beachside Markets. You may also know about the variety of local food vendors, up-and-coming musicians and the exciting family friendly attractions it has to offer. But, you might not not know of the dynamic duo behind them. Meet husband and wife Brad and Bianca Cardis of Fixx Events – a multifaceted business team with genuine hearts of gold. Residing in the leafy suburb of Bensville, Brad and Bianca live and work out of their home with their two boys, Jett, 12, and Finn, eight.

Having made the move from Sydney’s inner-western suburb of Glebe 13 years ago, the pair brought a little piece of the buzzing and artistic area to the Central Coast. “We’ve always loved the Coast,” Bianca said. “We used to come up for holidays all the time and, after a while, it was the change of lifestyle that we were after.” The pair visited most weekends and would immediately miss the coastal lifestyle upon arriving back to their former home in the city.

Coming from a background of fashion and events, the couple identified a need for quality markets, festivals and events on the Central Coast. “We found that local talent would travel all over to Newcastle and Sydney because there was nothing here to connect with,” explained Brad. “And that’s how we started looking at styling and planning local events.” He believes that creating a point of difference is what makes businesses unique and interesting and, in this, they will always remain relevant to their customers and clients.

Brad and Bianca have worked across a variety of events including The Christmas Fair in both the Central Coast and Sydney, RSPCA Million Paws Walk, and large local events such as Day on the Farm. The couple have now established themselves as the event stylists and planners for local talent, all under the name of Fixx Events – the umbrella company for the Avoca Beachside Markets, Neon Garage, and Colour Bomb Decor.

People have attended our events and immediately said, ‘This is a Fixx Event’. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

The couple are known as the ‘go-to guys’ for market stall holders who want a safe, understanding and accepting environment to sell their goods and services. Brad and Bianca describe their business model as a ‘family space’. “We want people to walk into our events and think, ‘this is a big family’”, Bianca said. “We want people to feel emotions when they join us for an event. It’s not just your typical shop and eat, but also feel, laugh and play. That’s what makes it so enjoyable.”

The team don’t just talk the talk, but they walk the walk when they say they’re a family business. Bianca often works with her two boys to create hand-made recycled props and paint colourful and creative art that’s displayed across their events or used for hire.


“We’ll always fly the flag for the Coast,” Brad explains. “I often pinch myself that I can pick the kids up from school after work, sit on the beach together with some hot chips, and think ‘this is five minutes from my home.’”

Living the ‘Central Coast lifestyle’ has been a dream come true for the pair – both in family life and their business. Brad and Bianca have managed to find a sense of peace that they wouldn’t have experienced living in the bustling inner-west of Sydney. “In both business and in day-to-day life, people are friendly, kind and patient,” Bianca said. “That’s just what happens on the Coast.”

Fixx Events is an innovative business that upholds the idea of family values. What is notable is how they weave these ideals throughout their markets and events and how they do business with other locals. The duo wholeheartedly believe that the Central Coast is growing rapidly and feel that it’s down to local businesses that are creating and contributing to this growth. Whilst the idea of ‘innovation in business’ can be defined in many ways, for Brad and Bianca, they see innovation as a community effort.

“The Central Coast is an amazing community, full of many success stories. We’re still growing, which is exciting. But innovation will only come from all of us choosing to work together.”

If you’re interested in prop hire or event styling by the creative team; you can visit the Fixx Events website to get in contact. Otherwise, if you’re in the mood for a weekend peruse along the market stalls, The Avoca Beachside Marketsrun every fourth Sunday at Heazlett Park Foreshore in Avoca from 9am until 2pm.


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