Brett Parker

The calling to be an artist is exactly that, an intuitive calling.

With this calling comes a sense of responsibility encompassing storytelling, advocacy and placemaking. Art is more than a ‘beautiful picture’, it plays an important role in bringing people together through diverse narratives or to create a broader understanding and connection to place. Being an Aboriginal artist this responsibility is even more important, and for Brett this is a role which he openly and wholeheartedly embraces.

Ever since Brett was a child his passion to paint and draw was overwhelming. This passion has sustained Brett in his arts practice for 28 years. Being a Wiradjuri Man, Brett has a strong connection to the land, with his visual storylines influenced by the traditional hunting and gathering way of Aboriginal life which is depicted in a self-directed and contemporary style.With this in mind, Brett’s concepts instinctively gravitate to the Central Coast’s natural surroundings; the beaches, bush, wildlife and culture.

Being one who is driven by his culture and building stronger connections to land and community, in 1985 Brett attended a Skill Share Course facilitated by Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council. This course focused on Aboriginal Arts and Culture and began Brett’s platform towards community and public art, resulting in a range of public murals and private commissions throughout the Central Coast, Sydney and Queensland.This catalyst not only invigorated Brett’s professional journey as an artist, it also later inspired a new path as an educator.


Over the past few years Brett has dedicated his time to teaching Aboriginal art resulting in designing and developing educational resources for children. These resources take the form of indoor and outdoor mats, games and functional soft furnishings, and have been introduced to day-care centres, schools and community groups.

Through his art, Brett is one who celebrates his culture and also uses his visual stories to communicate important traditions, teach others about Aboriginal culture and also pass down traditions which have been part of Aboriginal beliefs and ways of life for thousands of years.


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