Chris and Ben Gleeson

“Family is important, friendship is important and we love the Coast because there is such a strong sense of people and community, which is what we’re all about.”


The only thing Ben and Chris Gleeson love more than coffee is people. The brothers, who grew up on the Central Coast, decided seven years ago that they wanted to make their mark on the industry. It was from this great passion and determination that the two went into business together as Glee Coffee Roasters after years of working separately in Sydney’s specialty coffee scene.

Their shared belief that coffee and people should always go hand in hand is the cornerstone on which their business is built. Part of the boys’ philosophy and approach is to ensure good coffee is always accessible to everyone and to be community-based, with a café often being the hub of a community.


“Nothing makes us prouder than bringing our expertise and the things we’ve learned along the way back to our hometown. The coffee culture on the Coast has gone crazy in the last seven years. These days, if you are on the Central Coast, you should be getting a good cup of coffee.”
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