Chris Roach

"I’m here for the yoga, and I love the Central Coast community and region that helps support our not-for-profit vision.”

Set in the lush rural surrounds of the Mangrove Mountain area on a tributary of the Hawkesbury River, is Mangrove Yoga, a truly beautiful place to go for a quick getaway (only 40 minutes from Sydney) and spend some time learning about the benefits of yoga & meditation.

While you’re there, you might come across Chris Roach; resident volunteer, contributor, yoga teacher, farmer and all round jack of all trades. Chris loves his work and the community minded values of Mangrove Yoga and the Central Coast as a whole.

“I’m here for the yoga, but I love the Central Coast community and region that helps support the not-for-profit vision of our initiative. It’s such a unique experience, to be a part of an internationally renowned hub of like-minded people coming together to practice yoga.”

Mangrove Yoga was established over 40 years ago in the Central Coast’s Hinterland. It has come a long way since, and is now the largest and longest established yoga retreat centre in the southern hemisphere, housing an Academy for Yoga Teacher Training, Venue Hire facilities, a thriving volunteer program and organic farm - all with a focus on health and wellbeing through yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Visitors can participate in the programs, or simply come for a day visit, wander around the tranquil grounds and enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal.

Chris loves the Hinterland and the dynamic opportunities that it has to offer. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a Central Coast experience that doesn’t involve the beach.

“The Central Coast Hinterland offers such diversity; it offers everything from festivals where locals come together as a community, to the amazing fresh local food available in the area. How many people personally know a farmer these days? We’re fortunate living so close to the source of our food and the gourmet experiences that are available to be had right on our doorstep - for the community and visitors alike.”

If yoga, meditation, mindfulness or a simple, organic, wholesome lifestyle is something you’re interested in, but you haven’t taken the plunge yet, then Mangrove Yoga is a perfect spot to learn.

For more information on Mangrove Yoga or to make a booking visit;

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