Colin Taylor

“The Central Coast, particularly the peninsula is a busy place, with plenty of activity going on. It's definitely a great area to live and work.”

Over 30,000 of Central Coast residents commute to work every day and, for many, the commute is only getting longer, busier and costly with the ever-increasing price of tolls and train tickets. Many people spend up to four hours a day commuting which, overtime, can have a debilitating mental and physical effect.

Colin Taylor, Founder and Managing Director of Umina-based Active Edge Promotions and Active Edge Constructions, developed a solution to the ever-growing commuter problem by opening Common on West, a contemporary co-working space in Umina. “I personally don’t subscribe to wasting time, and we all work probably a little too much,” Colin explained. “I have a few businesses with a number of staff and wanted the best place to work that was also close to where we all live. The last thing we need is to be away from family, or the things we love, by doing unnecessary commutes.”


Colin also noticed that many entrepreneurs and business owners were either moving up from Sydney, or returning back to the Central Coast where they grew up. Many are attracted by the slower pace, coastal lifestyle and affordable living. Additionally, there has been a surge of business growth in the area, with investment in infrastructure and transport.

Whilst Colin and his team are permanently based at Common on West, for other clients, it provides safe and modern workspaces on a casual, part-time or full-time basis. Emilie Powell, Common on West’s manager, explains how the co-working space works: “It’s like a subscription service – whether you require a desk for the day, or want to set yourself up full-time for twelve months, you can. You can also book our board room or a soundproof meeting room on an hourly or daily basis”.

“It’s perfect for Central Coast residents that want a sophisticated place to work without compromising on quality. They also don’t have to face that dreaded daily commute.”


What sort of people utilise Common on West? The answer? Anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset. Creatives, consultants, mothers that previously worked from home, and a range of freelancers take advantage of the office facilities. For a startup or small business, overheads such as electricity, rent, internet, phones, insurance and staffing aren’t often a viable option. Working out of a co-sharing space, such as Common on West, relieves those financial pressures.

“It’s not just an alternative to working from home where you can benefit from the facilities, amenities, and office address – there’s also networking opportunities to meet and work with others like yourself,” said Colin. Common on West has been the starting point of many local business collaborations and like-minded business owners getting together and sharing ideas.


As a physical space, Common on West is light, bright and airy. The coastal inspired colour palette is modern and fresh and gives a gentle nod to Umina Beach. The space is finished with contemporary furnishings, glass touches, a wide selection of plants, and an enormous wall mural painted by local artist and stylist, Bianca Cardis. And if you’re tech conscious, then you’ll be certainly be impressed. Common on West provides high speed internet, access to laptops, conferencing facilities, monitors, and phone extensions. There’s also a fully functional kitchen, with sparkling water on tap, and coffee and tea making facilities

When it comes to the future of Common on West, what is Colin’s plan? “My vision is that it becomes the business hub on the Central Coast,” he said. “It’ll be the number one choice when it comes to co-working spaces and eventually be recognised for providing what we call here, ‘common services’ – be that graphic design, content management, financial and general business administration.“

If you’re keen to know a little bit more about how coworking spaces work, reach out to the team through the Common on West website.


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