Gina Jeffreys and Rod McCormack

“When you’re in such a beautiful environment all the time, with such a great lifestyle, I think your creative stuff just flows out of you much more naturally and that works for me.”

Rod McCormack has lived all his life on the Central Coast and loved it so much that, when it came time for him, and wife Gina Jeffreys, to find a place to raise their son he set about convincing Gina there was no other option for them.

“I convinced Gina that this was a way better option than Queensland.”

Gina, who was born and raised in Toowoomba in Queensland, has now lived on the Central Coast for most of her life and loves it just as much as Rod. They love raising their son here and think with the great sporting and schooling options available, it is the perfect place for anyone to raise children.

Gina and Rod are both household names in the country music industry, Gina on the stage as a performer and Rod behind the scenes as a producer and musician. The talented couple equally value creativity and lifestyle, and those values were at top of mind when they chose to make a change from touring Australia and the world with their music and having to regularly travel to Sydney to make records.

“I think one of the great things that the Central Coast affords is being able to maintain a great lifestyle that doesn’t overstretch everybody. If you’re time poor, that kills your creativeness.”

They wanted to spend more time with their son and also be able to record world class music on their own on the Central Coast, and that is what they have now very successfully done.

Rod established his Central Coast based recording studio The Music Cellar, and Gina started mentoring young, up and coming local artists.

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