Sam and Jordi Woods

“Business on the Coast is booming, it’s an exciting time to be in business on the coast”

Originating from the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Sam Woods moved to the Central Coast with her husband Michael over 30 years ago and hasn’t looked back… “We wanted to live near the beach, have our own home, still be able to commute to Sydney for work and be close to where our roots were at the time.”

“I love that it is easy to get to Sydney and Newcastle, we love these cities and have friends and clients in both areas so it’s nice to be close.”

Falling in love with the Coast’s “sheer natural beauty, its beaches and affordability,” Sam and Michael looked to start a family. However Sam wanted to be able to be a stay home mum and work for herself. So she combined her passion for fashion with her entrepreneurial side and almost 2 decades ago started her own style and image company - VibrantConcepts.

Her daughter Jordi joined the family business 10 years ago and in the last 5 years they have become recognised on the Coast as a leading brand, attracting clients from both Sydney and Newcastle. The Central Coast has a strong and loyal community and “business on the Central Coast is booming, it’s an exciting time to be in business on the Coast”.

The mother and daughter style duo are now unstoppable, building on VibrantConcepts and starting up the VibrantConcepts Style Studio at Erina 18 months ago. Together they help inspire and empower customers, showing them how to enhance their natural beauty with colour and style. “We want the Studio to be a destination for true personal styling, accessories, make up and professional advice, enhancing who you are,” Sam says.

“We love it when a client feels good about themselves when they walk out of the store; it’s the most rewarding feeling,” says Jordi.

They also started an online community hashtag #DressUpItFeelsGood, which encourages men and women who want to dress up to do so, despite living in a coastal environment. Sam and Jordi help inspire the merge of uptown city style and laid back coastal chic fashion; creating the ultimate fusion of Hamptons style on the Central Coast.

“The Coast has become more of a destination and we are proud to be a part of the evolution.”

One of Sam’s trademark quotes is “you can never be over dressed, only inappropriately dressed,” meaning you can dress up but just do it appropriate to the situation. “Dress up not down” is something both women highly encourage, particularly for everyday wear. Not only does it make you feel good but in some hospitals “dress up not gown” is being encouraged to help patients with recovery and self-esteem. This is a message Sam and Jordi hope to spread through their work with the Cancer Council NSW. The Cancer Council NSW is a charity both women are very supportive of, “it’s a way for us to give back to a charity who gives so much to its community”.

When asked what it was like to work together Jordi was actually speechless. “We have a real closeness and so much love for each other,” she said, “it is a great experience to not only work for, but alongside mum as a business partner, we have such respect and understanding for one another.”

Sam believes part of their success is the fact that they are “real and relatable”. “It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get the business to where it is today. But we love what we do and we love making people feel fabulous! There is a real satisfaction knowing we have helped our clients.”

For more information visit the VibrantConcepts website or follow them on social media and for stying tips and trends.


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